BREAKING: Israeli Intelligence Adds Barack Obama To ‘Enemy Combatant’ List

The Israeli intelligence Agency Moussad has added a new name to their list of state enemies. Barack Hussein Obama, who gave $400 million to ISIS after telling the American people it was going to free hostages in Iran, has officially been listed as an enemy combatant.

That means he will never enter Israel again, which won’t be so bad considering he’s a Muslim. As long as he can go to Mecca he’ll be fine.

Obama’s spokesman says the former president is laughing off the allegations as “just another game being played by Trump and Netanyahu”:

“Donald Trump and Vladimir POutin are pulling Netanyahu’s strings. Moussad can’t take a citizen from our soil and President Obama has no plans to visit Israel until Netenyahu is long gone.”

Moussad took that as a direct threat and upped Obama from orange to red, meaning he is to be detained on site by any means necessary. The White House OIP isn’t responding to requests for comments, but did release a short and sweet statement:

“The US Government doesn’t interfere with the law-enforcement proctices of other countries. Obama is on his own if he decides to leave US soil.”

Moussad could potentially kidnap Obama if he were in a country other than the US. they are some of the finest operatives in the world. We may even wake up one morning to hear that Obama is just…gone. This time he messed with the wrong people.