Breaking news from Fox.

The network has had a lot of shake-ups of late.

But today there was some welcome good news.

Fox Business Network host Charles Payne will return to his early-evening perch at the outlet following an investigation into claims of sexual harassment, the network confirmed Friday.

The latest development in a series of personnel issues that have plagued the Fox News operations owned by 21st Century Fox was previously reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Payne is expected to return to hosting the program “Making Money” this evening, the network said in a statement.

Payne had been suspended in June after sexual harassment allegations were made against him by a female Fox guest political analyst.

Payne had denied the allegations.

Reports came out suggesting that while there was a consensual relationship, there was no indication that there was any harassment involved.

Fox had a law firm, Paul Weiss, investigating the claims.

Payne’s return to the air would seem to suggest that they didn’t feel there was anything behind the claims.

Good news for the network that has had so much turmoil of late!