BREAKING: FBI Uncovers Secret Obama Letters That PROVE Russian Collusion

The tables are turning. While liberals have tried to use the FBI to attack President Trump with their phone “Russia collusion” story, the FBI has uncovered an actual case of collusion that should definitely be dealt with: one involving Barack Hussein Obama.

If you haven’t heard, the Obama administration was well aware of Russian bribes to the U.S. energy industry but chose to cover it up and give Russia control of 20% of our uranium stockpiles. If you’re wondering if Hillary Clinton was involved, the New York Post was nice enough to answer that question for you:

The feds also learned that Russian nuclear officials had gotten millions of dollars into the US designed to benefit the Clinton Foundation at the same time then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government committee that signed off on the deals, sources told The Hill.

The racketeering operation was conducted “with the consent of higher-level officials” in Russia who “shared the proceeds” from the kickbacks, an agent later stated in an affidavit.

But the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder did not bring charges in the case prior to the deals being cut.

At the time, President Barack Obama and Clinton’s State Department were trying to “reset” relations between the two nuclear rivals — an effort that largely failed.
Let’s get this straight: The Obama administration allowed Russian money to go to the Clinton foundation (which received more than $200 million in Russian bribes) just as they decided it would be a good idea to greatly enhance Vladimir Putin’s nuclear program.

Now, Robert Mueller has discovered secret letters that the FBI says “contain grave information about the prior administration.”

While the FBI has not released the letters, a source in the Bureau tells Fox News that “it is a good idea for the former President, Secretary Clinton, Eric Holder, and other high level officials to get a legal team together.”

So far, the FBI has discovered no evidence implicating Trump in any plots, but Obama and his team are looking dirtier than a small-town stripper at the least popular club in the area.