BREAKING: Adam West Ripped Obama To Shreds In Just-Uncovered Letter To Daughter

Barack Obama loved to reference Adam West’s Batman character in his campaign speeches in an effort to appeal to those of us who remember when America was great, but while Obama loved him, Adam West Didn’t exactly love Obama as a letter to his daughter written in 2011 reveals.

Miranda West decided to release the letter after she saw “all the hatred directed at President Trump from the Left.” Only a few paragraphs reference our former Embarrassment-in-Chief but it’s definitely worth a read:

So much is going on right now that I don’t know if I want to crawl in a hole for the next decade or not.

I don’t understand how our country could elect such a buffoon to office. I spent most of my life working as an actor. I know when someone is acting and while I will gladly give him credit for his talent, he’s not going to fool the country long enough to be re-elected.

Mark my words: I will die before I suffer through five more years of this.

West unfortunately had to suffer through the rest of Obama’s joke of a presidency as he also battled with leukemia.

Adam West was a hero not only for his role as the iconic Batman, but for his silent stand against Obama’s tyranny.

God bless you, Mr. West!