BREAKING: 3 ANTIFA Terrorists Killed By Law-Abiding Patriot Had Ties To National Politics

Three ANTIFA thugs met their maker today when they pulled firearms on an Oath Keeper guarding a statue of Jefferson Davis. The thugs, who were believed to be local troublemakers looking to loot their own town, turned out to be far more than anyone ever expected.

It turns out they are Captain Benjamin Rigsby and Lieutenant Joshua Miltonfield of the US Marine Reserves and former Secret Service agents assigned to Barack Obama. According to the US Attorney for The county of Dalegoff, Alabama, the two and another man — who seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time — were probably sent to purposely start violence where they knew an armed patriot would be lying in wait:

“These men are trained professionals. They would have had the jump on Kevin Wegner had the bystander who was killed not given away their position. Instead they met their end at 100 yards. Wegner is a trained special forces sniper the country can’t do without. He saved his own life along with a piece of American history.”

US Attorney Jolie Rollins suspects a conspiracy to kill Wegner, blame ANTIFA and coax President Trump into declaring martial law. Several political and military experts agree on that moment being when Obama’s Deep State Shadow Government attempts a coup de’ ta.

Luckily, fate had other ideas and two evil men paid with their lives. God bless you for saving us all, Kevin Wegner.