Bobby Jindal Just Needed 1 Word To Destroy Michelle When She Said GOP Is ‘All Men, All White’

Dring her eight years as America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama succeeded at very little beyond forcing our country’s public schools to serve their students unpalatable food that mostly ended up in the trash.

Unfortunately, now that Mrs. Obama is no longer in the White House, she has not had the dignity to graciously fade into the background and allow the new First Lady to express herself. Instead, Michelle has been continuing to stoke the racial divisions in our country that Barack Obama set in action during his presidency.

Michelle recently gave a speech in Philadelphia where she claimed that the Republican Party is just white men. She gave a very bizarre example to back up her statement, contrasting the Republicans in the audience from the Democrats during Barack’s State of the Union addresses.

She said that the GOP side of the room was grey and white, describing, “Literally, that is the color palette on one side of the room. On the other side of the room, there are yellows and blues and whites and greens. Physically, there’s a difference in color, in the tone, because on one side all men, all white, on the other side some woman, some people of color.” She added, “No wonder we struggle, no wonder people don’t trust politics, we’re not noticing what these rooms look like. We should be working actively to mix it up, so we’re getting a real broad range of perspectives on every issue.”

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who is of full Indian heritage and is a proud Republican, shot back with the perfect withering response. On his Twitter account, he simply wrote, “Ummmmm…”, pointing out the fact that he is just one of many examples of non-white Republicans. Is Michelle Obama an embarrassment?