Bill Maher Says People Who Support The 2nd Amendment Really Just Want Black Slaves

Bill Maher claims that their is a racial segment to supporting the second Amendment. He began by citing the New York Times. “Since [Garry Wills] says the Second Amendment “indicates exactly how far the toxic substance of servitude invaded the Constitution. It was expected to secure slaveholders who utilized volunteer armies to keep a firm grasp on their slaves. It wasn’t intended to give people a chance to counteract government oppression,” he said.

“How right? It was intended to ensure the lawfulness of very much directed local armies to deal with the states’ inner issues, particularly the issue of a huge slave populace,” he said.

“I know it makes Republicans insane when liberals say everything is in regards to race and everything isn’t about race. However, I feel like firearms is the one range where, in the event that you can’t see a goliath contrast between the way high contrast are dealt with in America with weapons, I believe there’s a little prejudice in you,” he said.

“That is to say, demonstrate the Roy Moore video. Here’s a government official waving a weapon at a rally. Might you be able to escape with doing that? There you go,” said Maher, supposing he simply made a point.

“Furthermore, the Vegas shooter himself, you know, it appears like when the shooter — on the off chance that he was Muslim, positively it would have been about, ‘We should — we got the chance to get the boycott going.’ If he was a Mexican, it would be about the divider. What’s more, I feel like, when it’s the white person, it resembles, ‘We don’t know how this happened.’” said Maher.