Ben Carson Just Warned America What Will Happen If We Keep Removing Statues

Dr. Ben Carson grew up in housing projects in Detroit and, through hard work and applying his smarts, was able to overcome his disadvantaged backgroup and become one of the world’s most distinguished neurosurgeons.

This is one of the reason why Trump made the outside-the-box choice of tapping Carson to be his Housing and Urban Development secretary, so that he might inspire others that they can transcend the demeaning ghetto stereoptypes that liberal policies have pegged them in.

If there’s one person who can speak authoritatively about what is “offensive” to people like himself with great insight, it is Dr. Carson. Ben recently addressed the topic of radical liberals’ desire to whitewash America’s history by removing statues of Confederate military figures from public spaces.

Stated Carson during an appearance on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News, “This whole Charlottesville situation deserves a serious discussion, not just barbs from this side or barbs from that side.” He added, “Do we want to get rid of the history of our nation? Do we want to put footnotes on it? Do want to have the opportunity to explain what went right, what went wrong to our children, so they don’t make the same mistakes again? Do we just want to hide it and say we’re wonderful people?”

 Carson continued, “Other nations who have obliterated their history have never seemed to benefit from it.” Asked Neil, bluntly, “Do those statues bug you?” Replied Dr. Carson, “Me personally, they don’t bug me personally. I’m a big picture type of person.” Are you glad Carson set the record straight regarding liberals who want to remove historic statues? Watch below: