The mainstream media is continually undermining President Donald Trump to the point where deranged liberals actually look at him as an evil man who needs to die. This theory is proven to be true multiple times. Last week yet another assassination attempt on Trump was prevented from taking place.

A man from Michigan was arrested and federally charged with threatening to kill Trump. In the official statement, James Anthony Jackson made a call to US Secret Service offices in Detroit and Chicago just to spill assassination threats against President Trump. During the phone call he specifically mentioned that the president is white.
In the phone call this is what he said to the Secret Service: “better watch Donald Trump a**, ya b***h, ya’ll think someone playing with yo dumba****. I am going to blow white brains out the f*** out his mother f***ing head, now b***h, f*** you white mother f***er, ya’ll started this sh**, f*** with my God damn phone b***h.”
Later that they he called the Detroit Secret Service office telling that “I’m going to blow Trump’s brains out.” In addition, he also asked the Secret Service agents, “Why ya’ll messing with my wires?”
The very next day Jackson was arrested in Idaho and is currently being held in custody in Washington state. If he is going to be convicted he will potentially be facing five years in prison.
Well, what would have happened if someone like this man called the Secret Service back in the days during Barak Obama’s presidency and made this same threats? The story would have been spread across the mainstream media and every liberal would be lecturing on how much “racism” there is in the country.
Jackson’s assassination threats came few weeks after Louisiana rapper Maine Muzik posted video on the social network in which he officially threatened to assassinate Mr. Trump.
In Maine Muzik’s video, he said that he wants to kill Trump because he is afraid that Trump will take his “momma’s food stamps,” which former President Barack Obama promised them. The rapper threatened to assassinate Trump in the name of Black Lives Matter. “If you take my momma’s food stamps we coming after you Trump. I’m dying right now. #BlackLivesMatter,” Maine wrote on Twitter.