Ann Coulter Just Went On A Crazy Rant Attacking Trump For What He Did, Has She Lost It?

Best-selling conservative writer and commentator cannot seem to make up her mind about Republican President Donald Trump. During Trump’s candidacy and now during his presidency, Coulter has switched back and forth from a strong defender of Trump to a harsh critic.

Trump’s recent actions clearly rubbed the sometimes high strung Coulter the wrong way, and she took to Twitter to express her feelings in an unhinged tirade. Began Ann, “WTF! Why is @realDonaldTrump back to tax cuts? His election was NOT about tax cuts. Has he been talking to @SpeakerRyanagain?”

She continued, “This isn’t a “once in a lifetime” shot at tax cuts! EVERY GOP cuts taxes! This is “once in a lifetime” shot to save US: Wall & deportations! Bush cut taxes! Did it create millions of jobs? Nope. The rich pocketed their tax cut & sent jobs abroad, hired guest workers. F– them. It’s so obvious Trump’s only getting polite applause for tax cuts. Want to get the crowd hollering, @realDonaldTrump? Talk about THE WALL!”

 Ann went on, “To create jobs for AMERICANS, no more cheap foreign workers, CUT REGULATIONS & cut corporate taxes. (NOT income taxes.) This speech could have been given by Jeb! — except even he wouldn’t have talked about the govt helping yuppie women with child care costs. Oh stop pretending this is about letting “families” keep more of their money. HALF OF AMERICANS DON’T PAY TAXES! This is for Wall Street.”

Coulter finally concluded, “Here’s something that could be more bipartisan: Allowing Americans – Rs, Ds, black, white, rich, poor (mostly poor) – TO KEEP THEIR JOBS. This is a ruse to allow @realDonaldTrump not to build the wall & blame congress. HE DOESN’T NEED CONGRESS TO BUILD A BORDER WALL. You both need to be woke if you think hating Wall Street is a new position for me. ‘OWS [HEARTS] WALL STREET’” What do you make of Coulter’s rant?