Actress Alyssa Milano Glibly Mocks Harvey’s National Prayer Day, Renames it ‘National A**Hole Day’

D-list celebrity Alyssa Milano thinks it’s hilarious to mock religious people who pray for Hurricane Harvey victims.

After President Trump designated Sunday a “National Day of Prayer” in honor of Harvey survivors, Milano gleefully renamed the day “National @sshole Day.”

Milano is making jokes, but there’s nothing funny about people losing their homes and their lives to a natural disaster.

So far, the death toll from Hurricane Harvey tops 60. More than 40,000 homes have been destroyed, and over 1 million cars were ruined by the brutal storm.

Alyssa apparently confuses the scenes of devastation she sees on the news with one of the mediocre TV series she starred in back in the day.

President Trump has personally pledged $1 million toward Hurricane Harvey relief, as has A-list actress Sandra Bullock. Not everyone has a million dollars to give, so they do what they can, by praying for the victims.

Even if you’re not religious, mocking people who pray is beyond the pale. We dare Milano to mock Muslims, who pray five times a day.

Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano — who’s broke as a joke and didn’t pay her taxes — blithely criticizes others from the safety of her home computer. Not surprisingly, the clueless Hollywood hypocrite got viciously dragged on social media.

One clever lady told Alyssa it’s a day to celebrate herself: